Margaret H. Lambert, CCP, CRflx.

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finding a balance...
in a stressed-out world

Stress is unavoidable. Some stress is actually beneficial. Nonetheless, it's a medical fact: stress affects the health and well being of body, mind and spirit. Doctors, psychologists, and healthcare professionals agree that an underlying cause of many physical and emotional problems like tension, moodiness, overweight, and body pain, is the failure to mitigate stress.

There's no quick fix for stress. You can't buy it in a box, drink it from a bottle, or travel to it. Good health takes time. It accumulates from small self-care decisions made daily. Decisions like better food choices, taking a walk, or simply resting when tired. 

My complimentary therapy tools - colorpuncture and reflexology - help to bring balance back to your body, mind, and being so you can clear away the stress blocks. No effort is wasted, regardless of how small. Everything will improve if you make an effort today.

Margaret H. Lambert, C.C.P., C.Rflx.